About Us

Beepsmart Communications Inc. / DBA: Smart Group Systems – Company Summary:

Smart Group Systems (SMG) was established in December, 2002 since our inception the company has been striving hard to provide better and reliable customer service to our valued customers in the field of information technology by providing computer related quality products and services at competitive and affordable market price. SMG is NCTRCA certified and The Inter Local Purchasing System (TIPS), Buyboard and HP/DIR approved supplier. Over the last 15 years the company has earned tremendous respect and faith from our customers for providing better, quick and reliable support and service at their need. The company has maintained a satisfactory performance and growth rate well above the industry average in this sector despite some uncertainties and volatile situation in national and global economy.

SMG wants to maintain its goodwill and image in the market by supplying better computer related products mainly from HP – the leader in this field and other reliable global brands (Dell, Asus, Acer, IBM, Lenovo, Lexmark, Sony, Toshiba, Konica, Epson, View Sonic, etc.) and wants to be one of the leaders in business information technology in near future in Texas. Currently SMG is one of the dealers of HP products in Dallas, Texas. To achieve this goal, the company has targeted the next 3 (three) years (2017-2019) as very crucial for expanding their business. The company has taken a comprehensive plan to expand their business mainly in the US Public Sector marketplace in 25 states in USA.

Our main target group is the schools (K12) under Independent School Districts and Counties in different states in USA, besides we also provide computer products and technical support service to small and medium size private business organizations in Dallas area and other places in Texas and other states. In order to achieve our goals in the next three years we will put emphasis on the following things:

     1. Expand our business in new 15 states in USA.

     2. Increase our gross sales to approximately 30% per year.

     3. Increase our non-hardware sales and support service to 10% of the total sale every year.

The company’s head office is located in a single story building in the prime business location at 990 N. Bowser RD. Suite # 720, Richardson, TX 75081. The company has manpower of 25 No. of well qualified sales executives, IT professionals, engineers, technical and non-technical staff, headed by founder CEO Mickey Faruque, a sales/IT professional, that support the company’s sales, marketing, service and administration.